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GG: Roxy, it’s 4 o’clock in the morning, why on earth are there so many cats everywhere?

TG: bexuz ive l ost contrl of my LIFE

wait, i forgot who roxy’s server player is, so instead, let’s just assume jane can just for some reason see what’s going on in her house.


god tier concept for roxy, i like the sound of rogue of void yeee. oops two pictures of her in a row.


Go away




why would you ever idolize cops when firefighters exist

yeah seriously have you ever heard of “corrupt firefighter” 

what would a ‘corrupt firefighter’ even be. he put out that fire with a little TOO much water. he was a little rough with the cat he rescued from a tree for a little old lady




So happy that they made haru a MERMAN in the ending song! I just had to draw mermansss

- edit a bit - ;v; makoharu



do you ever just finish a book and sit there for a while like what the fuck did this author just do to me

Me right now.


This whole movie was a masterpiece.

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This scene just gets sadder and sadder the older I get.

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i’ve been in rinrei hell for a while now and to make things even worse this preview just HAD to happen ;;;;;



Getting by Without Friends


1. See it as something that isn’t permanent. Even though it hurts now, it won’t always be this way. One day you’ll find others who will treat you properly – so be gentle on yourself and recognise that it will pass.

2. Learn to enjoy your own company. See it as a time to reflect on your life, and really think through what you want for yourself.

3. Find different things you can do, and enjoy, by yourself. Also, developing new interests will stop you feeling bored.

4. Spend time looking after a pet or animal. Pets are consistent, loyal and reliable. They’ll never hurt your feelings, and they’re good company.

5. Talk to other people that you meet casually (at the checkout, in a queue, or when you’re ordering some food). You’re likely to find you get a warm response – and that will remind you that you’re actually OK!

6. Don’t let this bad experience undermine your confidence. Keep reaching out to others, and one day things will change - and you’ll find other people who like to be with you.




A true warrior.

I can’t believe he defeated Mr.Incredible

I love how he fuckin fuckin STOMPS on Fred Flintstone

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ARTIST: The Runaways
TRACK: Cherry Bomb
ALBUM: Guardians of the Galaxy


cherry bomb // the runaways

can’t stay at home, can’t stay at school
old folks say, “you poor little fool,”
down the street i’m the girl next door
i’m the fox you’ve been waiting for